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Empire Electric and Maintenance provides commercial electrical services regardless of the project size and complexity. We ensure that your electrical power systems are in optimal working condition so that your business can operate at its maximum potential.

With our commitment to provide the best power optimization solutions, we ensure that you experience minimum system failures and low energy costs. Our licensed and trained technicians fulfill all your business’s critical power needs by:


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Complex wiring systems in commercial properties lead to frequent electrical failures that increase energy costs and make it harder to maintain your business’s efficiency.

To help you overcome these challenges, our certified technicians offer electrical troubleshooting solutions to help with your inadequate or deteriorating power system. Regardless of the magnitude of your electrical issues, we help you troubleshoot the problem and fix it cost-effectively.

General Lighting Maintenance

Work with a team of experienced professionals

Our seasoned professionals leverage their extensive experience in maintaining various lighting technologies to deliver proven maintenance processes. They do comprehensive research on your lighting maintenance needs and offer solutions that maximize your energy and maintenance savings while enhancing your facility’s efficiency.

With maintenance techniques aligned with modern-day standards, you can rely on our professionals and their planned lighting maintenance services.

Load Testing

Our team can help you conduct load testing and monitoring

As professional electrical consultants, we investigate your existing electrical loads and compare them with your electrical system’s capacity. If you are experiencing problems, we conduct load monitoring to look for voltage drops, load imbalances, and other power factors.

Empire Electric and Maintenance works with you to conduct effective load testing and focus on the malfunctioning part of your electrical system or equipment.

Safety & Hazard Inspections

Our certified technicians can help ensure safe conditions for your employees

Leave your safety and hazard considerations on our certified and insured technicians so that your employees can work in a safe and secure environment. At Empire Electric and Maintenance, we offer a thorough safety inspection aligned with the best industry standards.

Not only this, our electricians take care of all types of emergency or follow-up repairs that may come up during the inspection.

Proven Results

We are committed towards delivering results

Our stellar reputation for commercial electrical services is based on our commitment to customer satisfaction and prompt delivery of services.

Our incredible solutions offered by licensed professionals help minimize your facility’s downtime and increase its efficiency. We allow industries to remain on top of their electrical maintenance and repair requirements through our professional maintenance and repair solutions.

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