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If you are looking for professional electric and maintenance services, we are here to help.

With extensive experience in offering residential and commercial electrical projects, our technicians are focused on helping you with electrical installations, repairs, and maintenance services.

From home automation services to energy-efficient solutions, we are dedicated to serving our customers round the clock and ensuring their utmost satisfaction with our electrical services.

To get in touch with us, all you need to do is call us or fill our contact form and get access to our expert technicians who promise to deliver on your requirements.

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Generators & Backup Power

Prepare For Power Outage Emergencies With Our Backup Generator Services

Consider our backup generator services to ensure that your home or office experiences uninterrupted electricity even during the worst power outages.

Empire Electric and Maintenance is a licensed electrical service with vast experience in installing power backup systems for residential and commercial requirements.

Not only this, we help you decide on the best generator that is capable of handling electrical loads that you want it to. So, by getting our competitive power backup services, you get a reliable power source whenever you experience an outage.

Data & Telecom

Entrust Your Data Center And Telecom To Us And Experience Ultimate Security And Reliability

Empire Electric and Maintenance offers a comprehensive suite of data and telecommunication support services. Not only this, we assist our clients in monitoring their networks, fiber optic installation, network installation, and troubleshooting of network connections that are posing an issue.

Our experienced personnel are equipped with the latest training and tools to offer all types of high-quality installation services and connectivity products. But before that, they assess your requirements and craft the best solution.

Our support plan begins with a consultation on your data and telecom needs and extends beyond installation and maintenance services.

CCTV & Video Surveillance

Expert Security Camera Installations To Ensure Your Home Or Office’s Safety

Our security camera installations offer video surveillance and comprehensive monitoring capabilities of your residential and commercial properties. No matter where you are, you can view the videos and images from your surveillance cameras easily.

Our experts install the most reliable CCTV and video surveillance system, wire the cameras correctly, ensure that all the connections are working properly, and check if the cameras are focused.

With our CCTV and video surveillance services, you can protect your home or office from thefts and ensure peace of mind.

Fire Alarm

Protect Your Home And Office With Our Credible Fire Alarm Systems

We have vast experience in installing fire alarms, retrofits, and upgrades in residential and commercial properties. Our experienced project team offers comprehensive fire alarm installation services that include evaluation, set up, testing, repair, and maintenance.

With a strong commitment to stellar customer experiences, you can trust our licensed and certified electricians to install brand new fire alarms, troubleshoot your existing systems and create the necessary compliance documentation.

If you need fire alarm systems for commercial purposes or need to install them in a newly constructed building, we can help you!

Design-Build Engineering

Save Time And Money With Our Exceptional Design-Build Services

Our expert team creates design concepts that increase the project’s cost-effectiveness and on-site safety. We get involved from the initial stages of the construction process to make it more streamlined and efficient. Rather than just focusing on the construction, we also work on layouts and process modifications. Not only this, we take care of all the project’s planning as well as equipment installations to offer a high-quality finished product.

The experienced technicians at Empire Electric and Maintenance keep you updated about each step of the process to maintain the highest standards of customer service.

Service & Maintenance

Regular Maintenance Services Aligned With Your Requirements

To ensure that your home or office’s electrical wiring is safe and working properly, we offer competitive regular preventive maintenance services. Our experienced electricians’ staff provides a vast range of services that include timely repairs of fuses, fixtures, electric panels, and many more.

With our preventive maintenance, you can remain on top of your electric system and monitor your facility’s wiring or automation systems’ optimal functioning.

24/7 Emergency Response

24/7 Immediate Response For Emergency Electrical Services

The electricians at Empire Electric and Maintenance are trained to respond immediately to electrical emergencies, round the clock.

No matter what time it is, our technicians are always ready to cater to all your needs. Ranging from small emergencies to major situations or emergency repairs, we are prepared to offer emergency services to our clients.

Our technicians have constant access to service vehicles equipped with advanced tools and safety equipment that they need. So, if you are facing an electrical emergency in Nassau County, count on us to immediately respond to your emergency calls.

Modular Construction

Offering Comprehensive Electrical Services For Modular Home Construction

Modular home construction requires a professional electrical service to integrate electrical connections and make them safe. The skilled technicians at Empire Electric and Maintenance oversee the electrical work involved in the equipment installed in the modular homes.

They are in tune with all the state and local building codes to ensure that the electrical work is performed according to the prescribed regulations. Other than this, we power the modular home’s heating and air conditioning systems along with any exterior lighting fixtures you may need.

So, if you are looking for a trusted electrical contractor to oversee your modular home’s electric system installation, we are here to help.

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