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Smart Home Electricians

Do you want complete control over your electrical equipment? Are you looking for smart home automation that offers lighting control? Get in touch with Empire Electric and Maintenance technicians for your home automation and control.

Our smart home experts deliver stellar customer experiences by listening to your needs and crafting a home automation plan accordingly. They are extensively trained in the latest home automation techniques and specialized tools to install the automation system efficiently.

Whether you want to control outdoor lighting or control the climate of your house, we can help!

Lighting Control System

Control And Set The Lighting According To Your Preferences

Want complete control over your house’s lighting system to set the mood of your home? Do you want the lights to be slightly dim at dinner?

All you need to do is press a button and control all the lights of your house’s exterior and interior. Our trained technicians leverage their knowledge, skills, and tools to install energy-efficient light control systems that run on customized lighting programming.

Our professional, smart home automation experts offer unprecedented control to support your daily life comfort.

Swimming Pool Automation

Control Your Pool With The Touch Of A Finger

Empire Electric and Maintenance electrical experts have all the experience and qualifications to install swimming pool automation systems. Now, you can control your pool from a remote or smartphone and enjoy a fun pool day.

Our technicians create a wireless network for your pool so that you can control it by simply pressing a button from anywhere in the house. All our customers that opted for our pool automation system fell in love with the control it offered them over their pool.

WorkSpace Technology

Optimize Your Workspace For Lighting And Temperature Control

Our experts install intelligent workplace automation systems that reduce electric energy use while maximizing efficiency.

Our user-oriented automation control lets you reduce energy costs, control temperature, and get complete control over your office’s electrical equipment.

We work with you right from the planning stage until the automation system is up and running.

Remote Monitoring

Cutting-Edge Remote Monitoring With Our Home Automation Services

Our smart home automation services include remote monitoring that helps you see your home’s video surveillance from anywhere. With our remote monitoring capabilities, you can watch your house for potential theft risks or stay connected with your kids or pets when you are at the office.

We enable you to watch the video surveillance videos on your computer or smartphone and see what is happening at your house or office in your absence.

This is how our experienced technicians ensure peace of mind by watching your house from laptops or smartphones.



We help protect your employees

Industrial Service Electrical Repair

Industrial clients require an expert understanding of applicable electrical codes regarding controls, equipment, and various devices. Our expert technicians proficiently detect potential hazards and prioritize the safety of your employees and facilities. With Empire Electric, your business is always in safe hands!

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